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Save time & Increase profits:

Make use of videotaped action, graphics, animation, and professional narration to convey your message. Businesses make effective use of video at trade shows, at their place of business, in sales presentations, to reach clients in distant locations, and for a variety of other purposes. Deliver on one or more formats: DVD, video, web, mobile device.

  • Demonstrate product features.
  • Save company time (money) by using video to train employees.
  • Inform and educate your audience about the use of your product or benefits of your services.


Christine, it was a pleasure working with you. I appreciate that when editing you didn't just "do as I told you" but made suggestions. Thank you for your thoroughness and dedication to my project.

D. Pestrak,
Carlsbad, CA

Planning a video production for your small business:

It has been said that video production is 99 percent planning and 1 percent production. Time spent in pre-production will ultimately save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary mistakes and streamlining the production and post production workflow. We are expert planners and will guide you through the process, provide a timeline, and give you a framework for you to provide us with the information we need to deliver a quality project according to your budget.

People ask: How much does a professional video cost? A video producer once replied by saying "How long is a piece of string?" The cost depends on multiple factors, including the time it takes to write the script, number of days required for videotaping and location requirements, length and complexity of the program, amount of editing required, voice over and talent requirements, etc. We can give you a preliminary estimate after we get some information about your project. Complete the
Inquiry Form on our contact page and schedule an initial no cost, no obligation consultation. Tell us if you have a specific budget, and we'll let you know what we can provide for that amount.

We can show you samples and guide you through the process of understanding the most effective and affordable way to deliver your message and complete whatever video project you require. Following the initial consultation and preliminary estimate, a completed script is necessary in order to provide a more detailed estimate.



Hello Christine,
We received our wedding video and are very happy. You did a wonderful job. We were very impressed. You certainly went beyond our expectations. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!! Brought us to tears to see it all again. What a blessing.

San Diego, CA

We are a proud member of! California Weddings and California Wedding Planning, California Videography, California Wedding Videos

We offer styling to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer cinematic, documentary, long or short edit, a unique approach, let us know. We unobtrusively and skillfully capture the significant and spontaneous happenings of your wedding day. Your final product is tastefully, artfully edited with attention to every detail, ensuring people and places look and sound their best.

Ask about current speical offers and options. Also check with us for the current status of high definition technology and your viewing preferences.

Select a package, add needed options, or just customize according to your needs.

Add tax to prices listed below.

Call for current special offer not listed below: 760-721-2088


Diamond - $4800

Includes up to 8 hours of coverage starting at your ceremony location with bridal preparation & location shots. Three cameras at the ceremony and two cameras at the reception. Full edit and highlight recap.  Photo montage with up to 60 photos. Three Deluxe DVDs & your edited wedding web streamed for 6 months for your friends & family to view.

Gold - $3960

Includes up to 7 hours of coverage starting at your ceremony location with bridal preparation & location shots. Two cameras at the ceremony & reception. Choose either the full edit or shorter highlight version. Three Deluxe DVDs & your edited wedding web streamed for 6 months for your friends & family to view

Silver - $1675

Includes up to 7 hours of coverage with two camera coverage of the ceremony and one camera coverage of  the reception. Choose either the full  edit or shorter highlight version. Three basic DVDs provided in clear DVD style cases.

Basic Reception - $745

Includes up to 5 hours of coverage. Single camera coverage of the reception only. Choose either the full edit or shorter highlight version. Three basic DVDs provided in clear DVD style cases.

Basic Ceremony - $525

Single Camera coverage of the ceremony only.  Choose either the full edit or shorter highlight version.
Three basic DVDs provided in clear DVD style cases.


Free iPod Video file of your edited wedding!

  1. Additional  camera with operator , first hour - call for pricing.
    • Additional hours per camera person . . . $60 hour billed in quarterly increments.
    • Photo Montage fifty photos . . . starting at $225
    • Love Story . . . starting at  $290
    • Highlight re-cap . . .  starting at $190
    • Reception Projection . . . call for current pricing.
    • Additional DVD copies with original order  . . . $10 each in basic case, $25 each in custom case. Call for current pricing for copies ordered separately.
    • Web streaming of your edited wedding for 4 - 6 months . . . Call for current pricing.

Accept our free, informative, no obligation consultation.



Hello Christine - I want to let you know that the DVDs you made for me, for the girls, really went over big. They really thought they were awesome!

G. Halle
Oceanside, CA


To view a sample montage, "The Life and Loves of Mary Ellen" (40 mins.) and read about the "making of" please visit http://vimeo/2955320 (copy & paste the link in your browser).

A photo/video montage is an ideal way to share special memories. They are often used for: Weddings, Birthdays, Family Tree, Anniversaries, Biographies, and Memorials. We are able to incorporate other items, such as slides, poems, quotes, captions, narration, video clips, video interview, sound effects etc.

Ten to twenty minutes is a typical length for a photo/video montage. The estimated length for an 80-picture montage would be 9 - 12 minutes. Each picture is displayed for duration appropriate for the image as well as the theme of the montage and the accompanying music selections.

The finished product is much more than just a "slide show" and we don't thoughtlessly apply cheap effects. Each photo is individually sized, cropped, and adjusted to enhance its viewability. Motion and transitions are carefully applied to convey the mood and theme of your montage movie. Special effects are used sparingly and only when they have a purpose that serves the theme and your preferred style. We do not just "drop in" a music bed, as many companies do. The music is carefully cut,  mixed and timed to enhance the visual experience.

We can deliver your completed project on professional quality DV tape, DVD and mobile devices such video iPod.

Are you in a quandary about what to do with hundreds of slides you'd like to transfer to CD or DVD?

Contact us for a no obligation free consultation and we'll give you some tips and solutions that will best serve your purpose. It's not "one size fits all". Be aware of this when comparing prices. You might want your slides viewable on a computer screen only, or on dvd playable on your t.v., or optimized for both.  As you sort through your slides, make note of any special ones the might require a specific resolution scan if you think you might someday want to have an enlarged print made from the slide.  We'd be happy to give you more details when you
contact us.



Dear Christine,
Thank you for your professional guidance. I could not pay enough for your sharing your knowledge with me during the many phases of my documentary and addressing my questions and concerns in your usual calm, professional way. It gave me the hope needed to attack the mountain of material and unlock a useful, do-able method to access it. I am very happy about your handling of the tapes I brought back, preserving all visual and audio, so that now we have been able to put it to use. Thank you for your monumental help in getting me through this.

B. Germann
Oceanside, CA
"Ragmeg Odyssey"

Production and/or postproduction services available. Sony HDV Z1U videography services.

Final Cut Pro Suite professional editing, including graphics, color correction, music, narration, and sound mixing. Delivery on tape with authored DVD.

Contact us for info.


Corporate events, stage performances, family celebrations, biography and tribute videos.
Free consult.











I am pleased that the project is now complete. It is excellent, in no small degree due to your contribution. I appreciate what you have done, and it has been a pleasure working with you.

Many thanks,
C. Essenberg
Oceanside, CAA
We edit your video version and add titles and captions at your request. We recommend a master copy on DV tape for archiving before creating a DVD for convenient viewing.

Start by using our Contact Form to describe your project needs. List the
number and  size of your reels.  If  previously  transferred, list the length and format of video tape(s).

Complete the Contact Form so that we have the information needed to arrange a free consult and discuss pricing, options, and step-by-step instructions.

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